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If you have $100 per day coming in on autopilot

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Most people could pay their house payment and
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Or maybe it's your student loans and your rent.

Or whatever.

Imagine just waking up and knowing that there's an
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That's an awesome milestone.

I LOVE those kinds of goals.

It's not about buying BENTLEY'S OR Porsches.
It's not about buying Solid GOLD $50,000 Rolexes.
It's not about earning $100,000+ a MONTH

Those things are great , but a lot of those things
are just too far away for people to get excited about.

You know?

But, I think the average person can EASILY get their head around
the picture of what their life would look like....

....if they just had a new $100 bill in their wallet every day.

When you've got can go very quickly from
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From MAP of cource.

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