Attrition is Network Marketing sales,

most Deadly Enemy.


We all have to try different

MLM or Network Marketing Opportunities (Jobs)

before we find the right one and make it our,

Primary Income Opportunity for A Passive Income for life.

However, this does not mean we have to quit

the other MLMs. I use the other MLMs as tools

to build my primary opportunity. You too can learn to do

The same.


GDLC is my Primary Business Opportunity,

because GDLC unlike the others has Zero Attrition, and 100% retention of my downline which enables me to use my passion of teaching like minded people, the miracle and magic of Network Marketing.


What is attrition?
Attrition is network marketing sales, most deadly enemy.

Make sure you read and learn all about attrition in today’s climate of MLM.

Join only ethical business with ZeroAttrition


ZeroAttrriton means the downline can grow deep,

down to infinity, in both the 2by2 Legs . 


I use all my other MLMs as Tools

to build GDLC.

Updated on 21st June 2020

with the Launch of Gaurantee Downline Club 

New GDLC + MME + Money Plugin ( MPI)  are 

Zero Attrition Businesses

You will have World in your hands

without Attrition in your 2by2 Spillover MLM

business opportunities. 




( This page and  the 200 + in the Index are all GDI pages )

So have a look at this Zero Attrition Opportunity if you really

have a burning desire of helping people succeed without using

other people who fail and have to quit.

Sorry if I am one track minded and refuse to look

at your business opportunities which may be fantastic;

but the only way for me, to make sure you succeed in 2020,

when you are in my 2by2 downline is to make sure,

I look at no other businesses  but our business, in our

back office, so I can see your progress and help you

go forward daily.

I have 25 yrs. of MLM experience in the United Kingdom.

Offline and 10 yrs online.

Total 35yrs of Excitement and Fun and even Success.


Start by doing it DON'S WAY.