Goan MLM Lotto Team Wins

First time in my 10 yrs of MLMing on the Internet
a Goan asked me if she could join my MLM
Team. She does not know or care what MLM means.
All she knows is that she can get her Euro lotto for Free,
by sponsoring just 3.

I waited for Lotto Spring to launch before

I signed her up.
First downline in my team a Goan wins Euros 20.00

in First draw.
I as her sponsor got 10%.
( Well done Paula) Euro 144,000,000.00 tomorrow
I hope you win it. I would love 10% of 144 million

17th Nov.2015, followed by another draw on Friday.

Every Tues and Fri. Win , Win, Win, by joining the

Goan Team.

I have never sponsored a Goan outside my family

into MLM for over 30 yrs.
Now I think I have found the MLM for my Goan community.


You too can get FREE tickets, #just3forfree


MLM to a Goan means Make Lovely Meals

Goan Christmas Special..Sweets


Delicious Main Meals


I am teaching them to Make Lotto Money

first then Make Lovely Meals





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