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74 yrs Oldie,Baldie,

But Not Lonely.

Ask me How?

Many of my friends, who have spotted my

Massive activity on Facebook recently,

are asking. Hey Don, why are you at 74 yrs

of age spending so much time on Facebook?

The answer is

1. To meet New Friends daily.

2. To take steps to prevent being lonely in my 80's and 90's.

3. To remind me of my fast MLM  lifestyle in the 1970’s

1980’s and 1990’s and continue being Active

and Happy forever.

4. To accidently sponsor a few "strangers"

through spillover and accidently earn commission

in dollars monthly and stay motivated and active

even at 75 or 85 +

Thanks to this attitude I have accidently sponsored

Top MLMers (and their teams), Gurus and even Millionaires

in my MLM downline through spillover.

To name a few like:-

Simon Stepsys – netmillionaire ( UK)

Shaun Smith  Topincome ( UK)

Godavitarne (USA), Carolyn Godavitarne ( USA), Stone Evans (USA)

Brian Bear(USA), Kimball Roundy (USA)

Jacek Dudzic ( Poland),  Gary Chappelle (USA) , Kausar Khan( India)

Dora Balogh, Kevin Hokoana , Tim Foulke

Cheryl Currie  etc etc and their friends, and last but not least

Pamela Gonsalves ( My wife) ( UK)

This news on the BBC is what triggered my mind.

What has dating for the over 70’s got to do

With MLM? (Multi-Level Marketing)

They say an Apple a day keeps the doctor away.

I say one good MLM idea a year will keep the doctor away.



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